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What is sand casting?

Sand casting is very common world in the industry area, then what is sand casting? Sand is of great importance to technological development and advancement.Sand casting is the process of producing castings by the use of molten metal, sand and molding box. It plays important role in foundry technology. By far sand casting is the most versatile of various methods and techniques of forming metals which include forging, punching, rolling, stamping extrusion and many others (The Complete Handbook of Sand Casting by C. W Ammen). Sand casting had been the oldest method of casting even before the birth of Jesus Christ. The ancient Egyptians made use of this casting process before the advent of technology in the modern world of today. This is carried out in a place called the foundry workshop.

Before any object is casted or made through sand cast, there are some procedures that are considered. These are called safety precautions in the workshop. As there are processes adopted before automobiles are produced, so are there casting stages in the study of metallurgy.

These processes include pattern making and placing, melting of molten metal to be used, pouring, making of risers, runners, vents and so on.

There are weaknesses that are concerned with sand casting processes. These weaknesses are called defects in casting. In casing with the use of sand, some of these defects are caused by impurities, low fluidity and inclusion of few gases during casting in the foundry workshop.

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