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Defects in Sand Casting

There are many defects in sand casting process.  These defects are obstacles to the utility of sand casting in totality. These defects are but not limited to:

Shrinkage: This is the molten metal in the mold cavity irregular form. Noteon the casting solidification shrinkage.

Hole: this also noticed the solidified casting. It results from the capture of gas in casting. It can also be caused by the lack of emission gas nozzle. It was in one case, the liquid metal to maintain a large number of dissolvedgas.

Pouring metal defects: this means that the melt casting caused by improper. It can cause when the metal liquid is not enough to fill the die cavity. Another reason is that when the liquid metal flow nonuniformity.This result left half part filled cavity. But also can by the weak of ingateconstruction or creation.

Flash: it is a process of main defects encountered in sand casting in the.What is the reason most casting flash? In one of the reasons mostcasting flash: this bottle is improper positioning (mold halves), without the pin in the casting of molten metal in the mold, mold in ladle refractory clay is added and the shift of the improper use of.

How to cast defects due to Flash to be corrected? Failure can becorrected by some things to consider. Care must be cast metal transfer in mould cavity in the process to avoid the. Again, appropriate adjustments must be on the positioning mould and the correct use of the positioning pin and refractory clay can be considered.

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