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Defects in Sand Casting
[Company News] Defects in Sand Casting
There are many defects in sand casting process.  These defects are obstacles to the utility of sand casting in totality. These defects are but not limited to: Shrinkage: This is the molten metal in the mold cavity irregular form. Noteon the casting
The Proper Casting Processes
[Company News] The Proper Casting Processes
The sand casting of any object in foundry workshop starts with the pattern making process. The pattern can be made of woods, plastics or metals. In Nigeria, the most widely used pattern by students in Metallurgical Engineering department is those made from wood. The question is: whose function is
What is sand casting?
[Company News] What is sand casting?
Sand casting is very common world in the industry area, then what is sand casting? Sand is of great importance to technological development and advancement.Sand casting is the process of producing castings by the use of molten metal, sand and molding box. It plays important role in foundry t
Differences between Sand Casting  and Die casting
[Company News] Differences between Sand Casting and Die casting
  Sand casting and die casting have some similarities, yet they are worlds apart when it comes to their production. Both processes are methods for producing castings out of various types of metals. Sand castings can be produced from a variety of metals, but the most popular meta
The foundation for Precision Casting
[Company News] The foundation for Precision Casting
as mentioned earlier, Precision Casting requires the reel-seat portion of the rod to be raised up near the angler’s face, and then tilted so the tip can be aimed at the target. To initiate the cast, the rod should be raised to vertical, or sometimes slightly beyond, and then brought fo